Purchasing a new car is just the beginning of motoring costs

When it comes to motoring costs, purchasing a new car is just the beginning, as countless other costs soon present themselves soon afterwards – such as securing motor car insurance, paying road tax, and keeping the vehicle maintained properly – which means that drivers need to select their cars with as much care as they select car insurance companies.

Thankfully, a new research study has revealed cars that provide the most value for money to customers in the UK, with the 2012 5-door Honda Civic SE coming out on the top of the heap when it comes to the cost of upkeep.  The research study took into account not only the obvious costs of keeping a car but the ‘hidden’ ones as well, such as road tax, servicing, depreciation, and fuel consumption, and the Civic SE not only won in the overall category but in the Medium Hatchback one as well, the report revealed.

Honda UK managing director, Dave Hodgetts, praised the Civic’s newly-crowned status of best value for money, pointing out that it was a major accomplishment for a vehicle that has only been available in the UK from February of this year.  The survey, which featured 11 categories separated by price bracket in each category, saw the 5 door Kia Picanto winning accolades for best city car,while the 3 door Volkswagen Polo was selected as best small hatchback.

The 5 door Skoda Octavia was selected as best family hatchback by researchers, while the best family estate car was found to be the 5 door Avensis Tourer.  Other winners were the Volkswagen Touran as best people carrier, the Nissan Juke Visia as best crossover, and the best ‘green car the Honda Jazz Hybrid, while best choices for premium executive vehicles and sports coupes were the Audi A6 and MINI Cooper respectively.

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