Parallel parking a nightmare for British motorists

While parallel parking may seem like an everyday activity that couldn’t be more simple, new research from a motor car insurance specialist has discovered that parallel parking can be a nightmare for many drivers in the UK.

Research recently conducted by a provider of discount car insurance quotes has revealed that 21 per cent of drivers have serious problems trying to parallel park.  Nearly three out of every five of these drivers simply give up and drive off after becoming frustrated at being unable to manoeuvre their vehicle into a space, and more than one out of every ten drivers say that they don’t even bother trying to parallel park at all because of the difficulty and stress associated with the activity.

The driving test added parallel parking in the early 1990s, but it seems that younger motorists have demonstrated the most difficulty in parallel parking, according to the research study, even though 77 per cent were given instruction in the activity during their driving lessons.  Nearly one out of every three motorists between the ages of 18 and 24, a class of motorists that is already subjected to very high car insurance rates, said they can almost never parallel park successfully, with 16 per cent of them simply refusing to try.

Those over 45 years of age were found to have the least likelihood of being instructed in parallel parking when they received instruction, but only 18 per cent of these older drivers admitted to having serious problems parallel parking.  This same group of drivers were also found to be more willing to attempt parallel parking in the first place, as only 12 per cent said they would avoid attempting it in the first place.

Th 2,000 motorist survey discovered that the average driver spends approximately 4 minutes in trying to fit their car into a space before moving on, though some drivers were willing to spend even longer.  14 per cent admitted to spending anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in order to park, while the odd 1 per cent said they would be wiling to spend more than one half-hour to get their vehicle perfectly situated.

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