Drug dealer blamed high car insurance rates for selling

The high car insurance rates he was quoted for his car drove one man to sell cannabis in order to make ends meet, according to his own words.

The £1,100 motor car insurance premium that Jamie O’Hara needed to pay made him turn to selling cannabis, with the idea to do so being the brainchild of Christopher Healey, Mr O’Hara’s cousin.  Nigel Soppitt, Mr O’Hara’s barrister, told the court that the rift between the two relatives had grown wide since they were caught red handed.

Police raided O’Hara’s home, finding nearly 14g of cannabis inside 17 individual foil packages.  The street value of the drugs was estimated at £279.  The 30 year old man and his 23 year old cousin were both present at the time, and prosecutor Sue Jacobs revealed that the duo’s mobile phones contained text messages that incriminated both men in regards to recruiting others and dealing drugs.

Both Mr O’Hara and Mr Healey admitted to the charges of possessing cannabis with the intent supply as well as supplying it as well.  Mr O’Hara also admitted to two counts of possession of the Class B drug for his own personal use.

The drugs operation was a ‘tiny’ and ‘amateur’ one, according to Mr Soppitt, and while Mr O’Hara did not take steps to minimise his role in the operation, the part he played was only peripheral, instead pointing to Mr Healey as the mastermind and ringleader.

His cousin disputed this assertion, with Mr Healey’s representative, Duncan McReddie, stating that the operation was a joint enterprise, and that both men were equal partners.

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