Admiral reports bizarre animal-related insurance claims

One of the largest car insurance companies in the UK recently reported that more of the bizarre insurance claims it receives often involve animals in some way, shape, or form.

Motor car insurance giant Admiral reported recently that the number of animal-related insurance claims often contain quite strange incidents, such as the story of one driver who attempted to pick up their dog but ended up pulling the handbrake instead, making the vehicle skid into another car.  Another claim involved damage to the bonnet of a car after a miniature pony went on a rampage after breaking loose at a village fete.

A full one third of the top twelve unusual claims involved peacocks, as the beautiful yet vain birds have a propensity to scratch the paintwork of a car if they see a reflection of themselves.  Peacocks also seem to be more likely to commit acts of vandalism against vehicles as well, the Admiral research found.

Other animal-related claims included a motorist who careered into a telephone pole while attempting to swat a fly that had found its way inside the car or damage done to a show car by some mice by chewing through its door trims and leather seats.  Managing director for Admiral, Dave Halliday, commented on the research findings by stating that the importance of remaining focused on the road ahead and resist the temptation to become distracted by animals, whether outside the car or inside it, cannot be overstated.

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