Parents keep track of their children through telematics

A new telematics-based motor car insurance product is giving parents the ability to keep an eye on their children while they’re behind the wheel thanks to technology that updates parents in real time on how their kids are driving and where.

Autosaint, a new product from Fresh Insurance, can provide parents with around-the-clock information on when and where their child’s car has been driven through the online dashboard.  Mums and dads can review the behaviour of their young driver, including if they have been engaging in the high-risk activities that could lead to an accident that would result to expensive repair bills and car insurance rate increases.

Autosaint works, the company says, as it can provide discount car insurance for young drivers that choose to act safely and responsibly behind the wheel.  The insurer claims that young female motorists can receive as much as £600 in discounts to their insurance premiums, while their male counterparts – whose rates are traditionally much higher – can stand to find rates lowered by as much as £1,900.

Autosaint spokesman, Stuart Whalley, remarked that parents are often not as happy as their children when driving tests are passed with flying colours, as it usually means the next step is the purchase of an expensive insurance policy and nights of worry as their child goes out on their own on the road.  However, the new insurance product not only offers peace of mind for nervous parents but can also offer quite competitive premium prices for young drivers, Mr Whalley added.

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