Electric cars are not the answer, new survey says

Electric cars are not the answer to the long term sustainable transport problems faced by the British public, a new survey of drivers and motor car insurance policy holders recently revealed.

A new survey from YouGov discovered that three out of every four people that have struggled with keeping their cars on the road between high car insurance rates and soaring petrol prices feel that electric vehicles will not be the best option for replacing cars and trucks that are powered by internal combustion engines running off diesel or petrol.  The research additionally found that two out of three car owners feel that the main reason for buying ‘green’ vehicles, such as electric or hybrid cars, over a conventional car is due to the financial incentives that accompany such a purpose, as value for money tends to be the deciding factor in times of economic distress.

The lion’s share of consumers have demonstrated over time that ‘going green’ is only the popular choice when it will see them saving money, according to YouGov research director, James McCoy, in a recent interview.  Only 25 per cent of research respondents indicated that traditional vehicles will be replaced with electric motors, with the public seeing hydrogen powered cars as a surer bet, as fully half of those surveyed preferred this approach, while more than 40 per cent felt that traditionally-powered vehicles that burn fuel in a more efficient manner are the proper answer.

The most popular vehicle in the alternatively-powered category was found to be the Toyota Prius, with on out of three ‘green’ drivers owning one.

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