A&A Group adopts new telematics-based motor car insurance

Car insurance brokers A&A Group have recently announced it will be adopting a telematics-based motor car insurance system to be launched by a new firm backed by industry figures with years of experience, experts say.

Claim Witness Systems, the telematics company to be providing the service to A&A Group, has been going through extensive piloting and testing with the broking firm, with the results being that drivers using the system can experience less expensive car insurance rates by a margin of 20 per cent.  A&A Group’s director of sales and marketing, Steve McPherson, remarked that the firm recognised that customers need products that give them a higher measure of control over whether or not they can find discount car insurance quotes, adding that telematics-based technology can fulfill this need while also helping insurers control the expensive claims that drive up costs.

The sales and marketing director remarked that this desire to provide cheaper cover to customers is what sparked the broker’s desires to collaborate with Claim Witness Systems and insurers alike in order to bring a variety of telematics-based insurance products to the market.  Mr McPherson also commented that these products will have a significant impact on the industry, expressing confidence that A&A Group’s approach will pave the way for the development of the potential of telematics technology, adding that the entire firm was quite keen to see things develop over time as a result.

Claim Witness Systems managing director, Adrian Parry, also commented, stating that the technology behinds telematics has been around for quite some time, but only in recent years has it been adapted to the current market conditions in order to bring about the possibility for real change in the insurance landscape.

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