Man jailed for motor car insurance fraud

One man has been jailed for motor car insurance fraud after it was discovered he had been purchasing written-off vehicles from scrap yards and then having his partner make bogus claims to car insurance companies for its full value, it was recently revealed.

Both Andrew Morris and his partner Sharon Billingham denied allegations that they were concealing criminal property and conspiring to commit fraud, but a jury at Warwick Crown Court recently found them guilty on both counts.  The 43 year old Mr Morris, of Wolston, faces a jail sentence of 15 months after also being found guilty of acquiring the keys to a stolen Volkswagen.

However, the 41 year old Billingham, from Henley Green, Coventry, was told to perform 200 hours of unpaid work and given a two-year suspended prison sentence by Judge Trevor Faber in lieu of 9 months of prison time.  The judge informed both convicted criminals that it was their actions that lead to higher car insurance rates for honest drivers, as offences of the nature they undertook are all too common today.

Over the course of the trial, it was revealed that a stolen vehicle had been discovered at Mr Morris’ residence in January of 2010, leading the police to further investigate, leading to the discovery of the insurance fraud.  The fraudulent activity extended back as far as August of 2009, with a Coleshill salvage yard selling a written-off Vauxhall Corsa to a man using Morris’ address named Andrews for a sum of £950.

The following April, Billingham took out an insurance policy with Provident for £8,000.  After an additional two months, Billingham claimed that the vehicle had been stolen while she and Mr Morris had been dining inside an Indian restaurant.

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