Motorists face higher car insurance rates for speeding fines

Motorists have been labouring under higher car insurance rates due to running the risk for being fined after caught speeding, but new research says that this may be less because of recklessness and more due to ignorance.

A research poll recently conducted by motor car insurance provider LV= found that more than 70 per cent of motorists neglected to demonstrate their knowledge of speed limits on different road types.  The drivers, which were shown images of different types of roads, could only identify a single carriageway as having a 60 mph limit one time out of three, while more than half of the time motorists had no knowledge of the speed limits on rural roads in an absence of street lights.

Almost 10 per cent of motorists have been caught speeding since 2009, and out of those caught, 17 per cent of them are repeat offenders.  The discount car insurance provider said that, according to the figures it uncovered from a freedom of information request, 2010 saw an increase in speeding offences of 6 per cent.

LV= car insurance managing director, John O’Roarke, stated that these heightened speeding figures ‘alarming,’ remarking that motorists needed to take proper care to learn their limits in order to avoid penalty points, speeding fines, or even causing accidents.  Moreover, insurers will routinely increase their car insurance rates for customers caught speeding, even in the wake of just one offence, which can lead to serious problems when it comes to keeping your car on the road in the current economic landscape – especially when the rising cost of petrol is taken into account as well.

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