Which? says car insurance comparison sites need regulation

A leading consumer group has recently said that car insurance comparison websites need tighter regulation because some online car insurance aggregation services are not providing fair information.

Which? has recently said that there are some online providers of discount car insurance quotes that may be misleading customers, with the possibility existing that Brits could be spending more on motor car insurance then they need to be.

The consumer group said that the initial price quote given to a customer may seem quite inexpensive due to some sites pre-selecting certain options automatically.  Which?, which has a selection of aggregate services available to consumers on its own site, says that not every other website will operate in favour of the consumer as they do, with Martyn Hocking, editor with the consumer group, remarking that there are issues of fairness and clarity with several comparison websites.

Mr Hocking said that research conducted by Which? found that consumers will sometimes receive a extremely inexpensive initial quote from a comparison site, only to be presented with a more expensive one once they click through.  Some insurer searches feature boxes that are pre-selected in order to make quotes look more affordable, the editor said, but upon a customer personalising the search, these cheap quotes often vanish in to thin air.

Assumptions made by many comparison sites will be that cars are always parked in a locked garage, or at least on the drive.  This means that for shoppers who park on the street, clicking through will result in highly inflated quotes when held up against the initial ones furnished by the comparison site.

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