LV= removes upper age limit on its motor car insurance cover

One of the largest car insurance companies in the UK has recently removed the upper age limit on its motor car insurance, industry experts have recently reported.

Cheap car insurance provider LV= made the recent announcement in which they reversed their previous decision to deny new customers over the age of 85 insurance cover.  Now, the insurer will offer both existing customers and new ones aged 86 or older insurance cover if they so desire.

John O’Roarke, the managing director for the mutual’s car insurance division, explained the move in a recent statement, remarking that  LV= is well known throughout the travel insurance industry for being a trailblazer in removing upper age limits on policies.  Now, the mutual has decided to extend this beyond travel insurance and into the realm of motor car insurance as well, Mr O’Roarke commented.

The managing director expanded on the rationale behind the decision, stating that with people living longer and continuing to get behind the wheel much later in their lives than they had done previously, LV= felt that it was important to provide peace of mind to older customers that they will be able to continue to use the insurance provider as long as they would like to.

Industry experts agree that, thanks to advances in medical technology, people in the UK will continue to live longer and more fulfilling lives than they were in years past.  The average life expectancy for Brits currently stands at just over 80 years, experts say, which has risen by nearly a decade worth of life from the 1960’s, according to official census figures furnished by the Government.

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