Uninsured drivers plague Peterborough, new statistics say

Recently released official figures from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau indicate that Peterborough city centre is awash in individuals driving without motor car insurance, as more than 6,500 vehicles in the area are without taking out cover from car insurance companies – triple the national average, according to the MIB.

Currently ranked as the 69th worst postcode for driving without proper insurance, the PE1 postcode has nearly 13 per cent of the populace believed to be getting behind the wheel without at least discount car insurance.  This means that, out of the nearly 22,000 drivers within the postcode, more than 2,800 of them are believe to be uninsured, the Bureau says, with the national average for uninsured driving by postcode is significantly lower than this figure at only four per cent.

In order to compile this data, the MIB used accident figures where uninsured drivers where invlolved in 2011 in order to extrapolate to the total number of drivers behind the wheel of uninsured cars.  One industry executive commented on the figures, stating while that Peterborough’s percentage of uninsured drivers is quite high, it’s not the only UK city to be experiencing the problem but in fact has become all too commonplace in many regions of the country.

Rising insurance premiums, in conjunction with increased economic pressures, have led to many finding it a struggle to purchase car cover, the expert said.  However, insuring a vehicle is compulsory, which means that if you wish to keep your car, you need to find a way to continue to keep your insurance cover; the expert recommended contacting your insurance provider to work with them as an alternative to breaking the law and endangering both yourself and others.

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