Beware bank holiday driving, car insurance companies warn

Car insurance companies have once again issued warnings to their customers regarding driving over bank holidays, as these days bring an increased risk of suffering delays, breakdowns, and getting into accidents.

Motorists who have the intention to spend some time on the road during some of the busiest periods of the year need to take extra precautions with planning their journeys and exhibit heightened vigilance against becoming involved in accidents that could raise their car insurance rates, industry experts warn.  Drivers need to take several precautions before setting out on the road, such as checking their tyre pressure and running oil and water level checks, one car insurance comparison website’s commercial director said in way of caution.

Other ways to prepare including having your breakdown membership number and your insurance details at hand in the event of an incident, the insurance industry official added.  It is better to be prepared for the worst, even as you hope for the best, the expert said, and it’s better to be forearmed than it would be to be caught unawares.

However, industry experts say that car drivers are not the only class of road users running heightened risks.  Motorcyclists are beginning to pull their bikes from the garage with the evenings growing lighter and the weather beginning to warm up, so the roads will be even more crowded and liable to jam up over the bank holiday period, which means that extra care and attention must be paid by all users of the road as a result.

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