Car insurance companies their own worst enemy

Car insurance companies can be their own worst enemy sometimes, as in some instances they can be so mired in red tape as to penalise their own customers for things these same customers can prove they are not responsible for, experts say.

Aviva, one of the largest motor car insurance providers in the UK, has committed its fair share of these blunders.  Even as the insurance industry claims to be nearly bankrupt in the face of rising accident claim costs, Aviva reported £2.5 billion in profits – an increase of six per cent on the previous year – yet they have been almost constantly raising their customers’ car insurance rates, whether they deserve them or not.

In one instance, a customer of Aviva found themselves struggling with the insurer to not have their insurance premiums in the wake of an incident that saw the driver of the other vehicle making an allegedly spurious claim.  The distraught Aviva customer, who had what many have referred to as a ‘watertight case’ to disprove the injuries being claimed by the other driver, saw an insurance rate hike of £764, as the insurer raised their customer’s rates to an eye-watering £1,136 from its former figure of £372.

The customer has found that, after attempting to switch providers from Aviva in an effort to find discount car insurance elsewhere, that they have a black mark against their insurance record.  Other insurers have quoted the driver policies costing more than £2,000 annually due to their unearned high-risk motorist classification.

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