Shop for the best deals, use online car insurance comparison

If you want to find the best deals, you should look for online car insurance comparison websites to control your motoring costs, experts say.

Comparison sites for the insurance industry have become quite popular over the past few years, whether it be for finding affordable pet insurance, less expensive home insurance, or discount car insurance.  Consumers have become accustomed to using the services of a car insurance comparison site in order to manage the ever-growing costs when it comes to the insurance industry, with car insurance companies raising premium pricing as they struggle with their own costs created by expensive bodily injury claims from road traffic accidents.

There are other factors involved in making it a much more expensive proposition to keeping a car on the road, experts say.  Increasing pain at the petrol pump as fuel prices soar ever higher have made it quite difficult for many to afford to fill up their tank, and with fuel duties expected to increase as much as 3p a litre this summer, drivers are up in arms about the expense, prompting many to save by switching to a different insurance provider.

Others still are choosing to forego taking out insurance altogether, a move that is not only illegal but also costs honest motorists about £30 a year on top of their current premiums in order to absorb the costs generated by uninsured drivers getting into accidents.  Moreover, the carnage uninsured drivers cause on the roads is staggering, with official figures stating that more than 20,000 casualties occur every year due to the involvement of people driving whilst uninsured – including 160 fatalities.

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