Ford Mondeo drivers spend most time on the road

Drivers of Ford Mondeos spend more time on roads in the UK than any other car owner, one motor car insurance provider’s survey recently discovered.

The provider of discount car insurance quotes found that the average Ford Mondeo owner  drives in excess of 15,000 miles every year.  The Volvo S80, the car next most used, lagged behind the Mondeo by around 600 miles a year on average, the insurer said.

Other cars that were found to be driven more than the 12,000 mile a year average were both the Audi A6 and the VW Passat.  The Mondeo was found to be quite a reliable choice, even as it passed the 15,000 mile a year mark, as the study revealed only around 15 per cent of that particular make of vehicle made warranty claims every year, unlike the Passat, which saw 44 per cent of its owners having to get faults repaired.

Company car drivers have been highly positive in their praise of the vehicle for their reliability over the long range.  However, for those looking for a reliable vehicle but are not looking to put so many miles on their vehicles out of a desire to reduce their car insurance rates, the Mondeo may not be the best choice for everyone.

Most smaller cars on the roads in the UK turn out to be used for city driving, especially because they were found to cover much less yearly mileage than larger-sized vehicles in comparison. The least-driven car in Britain was the Nissan Micra, with only 5,580 miles being driven every year on average, and other supermini models made up the lion’s share of the least driven vehicles in the UK.

Industry experts say that you need to take this usage model into account when shopping for a used car.  The 12,000 mile a year rule of thumb isn’t as readily applicable to an average Micra versus an average Mondeo, as four year old versions of both models will differ in mileage by round 40 thousand miles.

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