Secure motor car insurance or risk your ride

While the lion’s share of British drivers are honest, hard-working individuals who, much as they grumble about the prices car insurance companies are charging for cover nowadays, some have decided that there’s no reason for them to shell out hundreds of pounds and are driving about with no motor car insurance – but what these few don’t know is that this could cost them their ability to drive if caught.

Drivers that get behind the wheel without valid insurance not only make matters worse for honest motorists by increasing the cost of their car insurance rates to compensate for any accidents they may cause, but also jeopardise their own cars as well, thanks to new governmental regulations.

The Motor Insurance Database is regularly used by the police to track uninsured vehicles, but this has not been a sufficient deterrent, especially with understaffed police forces unable to track down and catch every offender.  However, a new rule permits the authorities to crush any vehicles found without at least discount car insurance cover, which may lead to more uninsured motorists realising that there are serious consequences to their actions.

Designed to target the approximate one million Brits driving without insurance, the new rule could result in a reduction of the additional ¬£30 a year honest motorists find tacked on to their insurance premiums to offset costs created by uninsured drivers, said the Department for Transport. ¬†Uninsured motorists are a menace, according to the department’s figures, as drivers that get behind the wheel without the legal protection of an insurance policy injure 23,000 on a yearly basis – and cause the deaths of 160 people.

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