It’s hard to get to work when you can’t afford a car

Drivers across the UK are finding it difficult to afford to keep their cars in the face of massive car insurance rate hikes and the rising cost of petrol, resulting in many finding it difficult to do things such as get to work or make sure the kids get to school on time.

Recently published research findings that drivers getting behind the wheel without proper motor car insurance are making it even more difficult for honest drivers to find decently priced cover, even if they take the time to compare car insurance from several providers before selecting the most affordable alternative. The average cost that uninsured motorists add to a typical driver’s insurance policy was found to be approximately £30, which goes towards recovering the annual £500 million costs generated by accidents caused by uninsured motorists.

About one in every six British drivers has driven a car that they did not have insurance for, said the report, which could lead to serious consequences if they find themselves involved in a road traffic accident.  Approximately 8 per cent of survey respondents indicated that they had gotten behind the wheel of their own car without securing insurance cover first, while an additional 6 per cent said they have driven the vehicle owned by another that they were not insured to drive,  2 per cent admitted to driving their own car in between policies during renewal time, and a distressing one out of every five drivers didn’t bother with insurance because they had no idea that it was a legal requirement.

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