New study says petrol prices stranding motorists

A new study from a well known motor car insurance provider recently discovered that the high cost of petrol may be causing many drivers to run out of fuel half-way through their journey.

The discount car insurance provider said that February alone saw call-outs to drivers stranded in vehicles after running out of petrol rose by 20 per cent.  The RAC received only 3,900 calls from empty petrol tanks in February of 2011, yet this year saw the insurer fielding 4,780 of these calls.

David Bizley, technical director for the RAC, said that these figures are certainly suggestive that rising fuel costs, along with increased car insurance rates, have stretched motorists’ finances to the limit.  Many drivers are making the decision to try to stretch the contents of their fuel tank as far as possible, Mr Bizley said, sometimes resulting in a motorist running out of fuel when they miscalculate.

Recent research indicates that drivers now have to pay an average of £76 in order to fill a 55 litre tank, while only two years ago the cost was only £62.  Vehicles running on diesel fuel are also feeling more pain at the pump, with a £17 increase raising the average price to £80 to fill their tank.

Fuel prices are scheduled to go up even higher this summer, with the Government planning to raise the cost of a litre of fuel by around 3p.  This will add £1.65 to the price of every fill-up once the new rate hike goes into effect this August – and petrol prices may continue to rise due to the volatile oil market due to instability in the Middle East, experts say.

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