Comparison site says shave before you get in the car

One car insurance comparison site has urged male drivers to take the time for their morning shave before stepping behind the wheel, as a new survey from the provider of discount car insurance quotes discovered that 15 per cent of male motorists have a shave on their way into work.

A leading online car insurance provider said that, yes, the morning commute can be a vile, harrowing task as many workers crawl from their beds and stumble to their vehicles, taking care of your morning routines whilst driving is a good way to get into an accident. It’s not only men who make poorly thought out decisions on their way to their jobs, as the research conducted by the comparison site also discovered that 10 per cent of women put on their make-up while they’re driving as well.

Nearly one out of five of the survey’s respondents between the ages of 25 and 34 admitted that their actions behind the wheel are high risk, leading many industry experts to say that younger drivers may need to be subject to a new Transport Safety proposal that some classes of motorists should be subject to re-taking driving tests. ┬áThe Government proposed that older drivers should be re-tested, but it seems that some younger motorists could use additional testing as well, these experts remarked.

Brake’s deputy chief executive, Julie Townsend, said that the road safety charity found it ‘deeply worrying’ how so many motorists are completely cavalier when it comes to not only their own safety but the safety of other users of the road as well.

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