Comparison site research indicates ire against fuel duty

According to the research conducted by a leading car insurance comparison website, more than nine out of every ten Brits feel that the Government needs to cut fuel duty in Wednesday’s Budget in an attempt to offer relief to consumers labouring under the record high price of oil.

The online car insurance aggregator conducted a research survey into whether the Government should take steps to make it easier for drivers to fill up the petrol tank by cutting fuel duty in the coming Budget this week.  More than 40 per cent of those surveyed by the provider of discount car insurance quotes indicated that the prices are much too high, with one out of eight adding that their taxes were quite high enough as they were, while an additional 38 per cent indicated that a cut to the price of fuel could trigger economic growth.

One motor car insurance expert with the comparison site, Clare Francis, remarked that drivers have been hardest hit by the seemingly inexorable increase to the price of petrol, leading many to express their desperation for costs to begin to come down by calling on the Government to intercede on behalf of harried households. Ms Francis said that the 1p per litre fuel duty cut from the Chancellor in last year’s Budget was met with both derision and disappointment, with a resounding 85 per cent of Brits indicating in a survey at the time that the measly one pence per litre would make little difference to their ability to make ends meet.

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