Searches for motor car insurance dominated last quarter

According to the most recent findings of a quarterly research project, internet searches for motor car insurance surged even as the overall number of insurance-related searches declined from 2.3 million to 1.9 million from the previous quarter ending in October.

The most popular keyword, ‘car insurance,’ increased by 100,000 searches over the last quarter to January, as motorists looking for discount car insurance quotes surged to a new sum of 550,000 searches.  Car insurance comparison sites were the most oft-searched locations, with both natural search listings and paid media listings being dominated by the insurance aggregation services as harried motorists turn from their current providers in larger numbers in order to find respite from rising insurance prices.

The convenience of comparison websites is a major motivator towards their use, experts say, as a customer need only enter his personal details in once in order to be given several quotes from a range of car insurance companies affiliated with the comparison site in question.  This is a far cry from ringing up each insurer one at a time, or even visiting their direct websites, and it saves busy consumers time and effort.

However, industry experts warn that consumers looking for the best deals should not rely on just one comparison website but at least two or three.  This is because each comparison site has a unique panel of insurers that associate with the website, which necessitates drivers to leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that he or she is indeed getting the best value for money.

A final caveat is that there are some insurers that do not participate in any comparison sites, leaving motorists to visit these holdouts individually as well.

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