One in six driving without valid motor car insurance

As many as one out of every six motorists in the UK could be getting behind the wheel without taking out the required motor car insurance, costing honest drivers an additional £30 a year on their premiums to compensate.

A leading car insurance comparison site recently found that, in the face of rising motor insurance costs, more people are turning to breaking the law in order to keep their car on the road.  The comparison site’s research found that around 8 per cent of drivers admitted to driving their own vehicles without proper cover, while an additional 6 per cent made the admission of getting behind the wheel of the car of a friend or relative without insurance.

The biggest risk takers were found to be younger drivers, as nearly three out of every ten between the ages of 18 and 34 admitted to driving an uninsured vehicle, while just 6 per cent of those over the age of 55 admitting they did the same.  Men were also found to be more than twice as likely to drive an uninsured vehicle than their female counterparts, as only ten per cent of women admitted to driving while uninsured compared with 20 per cent of men.

The results of this can be catastrophic, industry experts said, with one remarking that being involved in an accident without proper insurance could lead to crippling liability costs in the thousands of pounds, fines of up to £5,000, six points on your licence, and a conviction as well.

Meanwhile, uninsured motorists also ratchet up costs for honest drivers, as insurers have to foot the bill directly when it comes to accidents involving uninsured motorists – something that costs £500 million a year, experts say.

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