Help keep motoring costs down – make it easier for insurers

With car insurance companies facing massive costs from expensive accident claims – costs that are passed on to consumers in the form of higher car insurance rates – experts say that if drivers make it easier for insurers, they can keep their motoring costs down.

One major provider of discount car insurance quotes recently said that insurers who have their hands full due to insurance fraud, uininsured motorists, and expensive accident claims find it too expensive to offer reduced premium prices due to their outgoings.  However, consumers can take steps to make their cars safer and less risky to insure, and thus reduce both their risk and your premium payments.

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal, experts say, is to improve your vehicle’s security.  If your car does not have an immobiliser and alarm fitted, consider doing so, as the cost of the technology could soon pay for itself when your insurer drops your premium price.

Another option is to consider switching to an insurer that offers ‘black box’ telematics technology, which keeps track of your motoring habits through modified satnav tech.  Drivers who demonstrate good driving skills are rewarded with reduced insurance costs, and many insurers have come to offer the new type of cover in an effort to better control costs.

Finally, experts say you could consider changing your voluntary excess to the extent that you can afford.  Offering to shoulder more of the burden of repair costs in the event that your vehicle is involved in an accident will net motorists less expensive insurance, but industry insiders warn consumers to not raise your excess to unaffordable levels.

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