Save as much as £200 on your car insurance rates

Cheap car insurance experts say that motorists can save as much as £200 on their car insurance rates by putting in as little as one-half hour and following a few simple steps.

One of the first things motorists need to know when it comes time to renewing your annual motor car insurance is to not automatically renew with your current provider.  That’s not to say you should bin your auto-renewal quote outright, but if you at least shop around for the best deals first, you can always ring up your current insurer to see if they will price match before jumping ship.

The best way to accomplish this is to visit car insurance comparison websites and put in your personal details, as this will return a multitude of quotes to you all at once.  Keep in mind that there are some insurers, such as Direct Line and Aviva, who are not affiliated with comparison sites, so make sure to visit their websites directly as well to get the best picture you can of the current market.

Stick to the truth when it comes to putting in your personal details, experts say, but don’t be afraid to use different data than usual when it comes to certain questions.  A good example of this is to get two quotes that are identical except for job description. If you work as a surgeon, you can truthfully refer to yourself either as a surgeon or a doctor, but this could result in price differences.

At this point, you should contact your current provider to see if they would be willing to work with you and match the cheaper quote you received from a competitor.  Experts say that the results can be quite surprising at times.

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