Motor car insurance myths you shouldn’t believe

Cheap car insurance experts have recently come together to dispel some of the more prevalent myths when it comes to the insurance industry, especially since not knowing the truth can lead to paying more expensive car insurance rates.

One of the most common myths is that taking out third party cover instead of fully comprehensive motor car insurance will be a more affordable option.  While it may seem logical to believe that third party cover, which does not offer as much protection as comprehensive cover, would be therefore less expensive, this is often not the case;  the cost of third party insurance has been on the rise because young motorists, a group that have a higher likelihood to be involved in accidents and thus claim more often, have taken up the cover over the past few years.

With more accidents leading to claims, these motorists have driven up the cost of third party premiums.  This means that for many drivers it may actually be less expensive to purchase fully comprehensive cover instead.

Another common misconception is that these comprehensive policies are identical no matter which insurer you select as an insurance provider.  The truth is that there are some policies that are less ‘comprehensive’ than others, with insurance firms cutting costs in an effort to remain competitive, which results in what would normally be a part of a standard comprehensive policy, such as legal cover, a courtesy car, or windscreen cover, available only as extras that will increase the overall cost of the policy.

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