More car insurance companies need to support Pass Plus

With discount car insurance for young drivers nearly impossible to find in the current economic landscape, more car insurance companies need to support the Pass Plus scheme to lower insurance costs for the nation’s youth, experts say.

The costs of getting your own set of wheels are manifold today, with having to take multiple lessons and then having to pass a motoring test before even beginning the process of shopping around for a second-hand car and motor car insurance.  However, pursuing a Pass Plus certificate can be a savvy investment, as insurers will offer discounts to new drivers after taking lessons under the scheme, which usually costs around £80.

However, insurance experts say that not all providers will offer policies that take the programme into account.  With the price of insurance spiraling ever upward for younger drivers, especially young males – who pay an average of nearly £3,000 a year for an annual insurance policy – industry insiders have called for more insurers to provide some respite to this beleaguered class of drivers.

Young women could soon begin pursuing Pass Plus certificates in greater numbers as well, especially in light of a new EU ruling banning the practice of offering cheaper rates to younger women for driving more safely.  While statistical records indicate that young female drivers get into accidents much less often than their male counterparts, insurers are no longer permitted to take that into account from December 21, leading to rates for female motorists set to rocket upward by as much as £360 a year.

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