EU says women aren’t paying enough for motor car insurance

The availability of discount car insurance for women is set to evaporate into thin air this coming December, thanks to a new EU ruling that effectively says women in the UK aren’t paying enough for their motor car insurance.

According to a decision made by the European Court of Justice, car insurance companies that charge men different premium prices than they charge women may be in violation of eurozone anti-discrimination legislation.  Even though there is statistical evidence that women are safer drivers due to having less accidents than men – and therefore costing insurers less money to insure – offering them cheaper insurance is most likely illegal in light of these anti-discrimination laws, according to the Advocate General.

Young Marmalade co-founder, Nigel Lacy, said that enshrining the view of the Advocate General into EU law would be a gross injustice to young women drivers.  According to the insurance official, car insurance rates are being driven up for all users or the road due to the actions of a small minority of younger male motorists, with one out of three men involved in road casualties or fatalities under the age of 25, citing the Department of Transport statistics.

Young men under the age of 21 were seen ten times likelier to be involved in accidents than those over the age of 30, Mr Lacy remarked.  This age group generates costs more than three times that of the older group of drivers, he reported.

In related news, the AA recently released a shocking report, demonstrating that insurance prices had increased by more than 40 per cent over the past 12 months.  However, insurance prices for younger male motorists rose even more at a rate of 46.6 per cent.

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