Young drivers turning down work due to high insurance costs

According to one leading MP, younger motorists have had to turn down work opportunities because the cost of securing motor car insurance for their vehicle is out of reach.

Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, recently remarked that being unable to afford even discount car insurance could lead many younger Brits to have to choose between accepting a job offer and being able to afford the insurance cover in order to get themselves to their new job.  High car insurance rates for younger, inexperienced drivers mean they are being penalised before ever getting behind the wheel, the MP commented, arguing that due to a lack of regular public transport options, those individuals living in rural areas are hit the hardest by having no alternatives besides driving.

The Deputy Speaker called on car insurance companies to solve the problem using more imaginative solutions such as offering a rebate after 12 months without a claim or letting practical driving test scores influence quotes for cover.  Mr Evans did admit that younger drivers are a higher risk to insure due to their inexperience, yet he insisted that the lion’s share of these motorists neither drive in a dangerous manner, nor are they involved in costly road traffic accidents.

According to the MP, a meeting with the Association of British Insurers could lead to a fruitful discussion on strategies for moving forward on the issue.  Movement needs to occur soon, experts say, especially with new information from the AA revealing that younger motorists have experienced an increase in their insurance premiums over the past two years of as much as 90 per cent in some cases.

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