Drivers ‘switch off’ after 11 minutes behind the wheel

Drivers tend to ‘switch off’ mentally after just 11 minutes into a long journey, according to research by one provider of discount car insurance quotes.

The motor car insurance firm, who interviewed more than 1,000 drivers, discovered that some motorists have gone into ‘autopilot’ so badly that instead of driving to their desired destination, they drove to their office.  One out of four said they were easily bored while behind the wheel, while 22 per cent reported going into autopilot regularly.

32 per cent of motorists reported having to resort to checking their phone or changing the radio station in order to keep their mind engaged on trips by car.  Despite these efforts, around 34 per cent of drivers admitted to having no recollection of their journey upon arrival at their destination, with the man reasons for falling into autopilot given by the discount car insurance provider’s respondents being thoughts about work and sleepiness.

The region where drivers were found to switch off the most was the north-east of England.  The region with the motorists most mentally awake behind the wheel was found by the study to be the East Midlands.

Men seem to be more susceptible to the problem than women, with 16 per cent admitting that their partner attempting to speak with them resulted in them slipping into autopilot mode.  Meanwhile, only 10 per cent of women reported switching off in order to cope with the chatter of their partners.

All this motoring about on autopilot translates to the waste of  £47.25 every year from driving ‘extra’ miles, the survey also found.

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