MP says we need discount car insurance for young drivers

One Conservative MP has recently called upon the insurance industry to provide discount car insurance for young drivers, stating that car insurance companies should deal with younger motorists with more fairness and equitability.

Nigel Evans, MP for Ribble Valley, said that there are more than 2 million licence holders between the ages of 16 and 20, according to the DVLA, and they are subject to such incredibly expensive car insurance rates that many find their cars cost less to purchase than they do to insure.  With the lack of public transport in the Ribble Valley and other rural locations, the problem is particularly acute, added Mr Evans, as exorbitant insurance costs are pushing younger Brits off the road.

There should be no financial conflicts in the lives of young individuals when it comes to affording motor insurance at the cost of accepting a job, the MP said, as young Brits living in rural regions will almost assuredly need the use of a car if they find themselves a job.  Cars are not luxuries for these young drivers, remarked Mr Evans, but a necessity for survival.

The Ribble Valley MP commented that insurers may consider young drivers as more likely to be involved in accidents by insurance companies, but the lion’s share of them are not dangerous drivers and do not get themselves into situations where an accident could occur.  He called for an end to their high rates on the grounds that they were being punished before even getting behind the wheel of their car, and instead urged insurers to come up with less expensive solutions for their younger customers.

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