How car insurance companies generate quotes

With motor car insurance compulsory in the UK, if you have a car, you’ve got to get it insured – and learning how car insurance companies generate quotes can help you find the best rates.

Finding discount car insurance quotes can feel like a Quixotic quest most days, especially if you’ve been tilting at windmills by getting quote after overpriced quote. While one of the best ways to find affordable insurance is through a car insurance comparison site, which gathers quotes from several insurers all at once to make things easier for you, understanding how insurers calculate their quotes can help you attain your goal.

One of the most influential factors is your age.  Younger motorists are often on the receiving end of this, as quotes for young drivers can be high enough to be eye-watering because insurers see them as more reckless and less experienced.

However, if you’re a young driver and  look for a quote from an insurer that offers telematics-based insurance, you could win big.  Based on satnav technology, telematics insurers fit a little black box under your car’s bonnet, and if you drive safely and responsibly, you’re rewarded with cut-rate quotes – though driving like a maniac will result in increased premium pricing.

Believe it or not, much older drivers are sometimes offered rates that are less attractive as well, as the expectation exists that senior drivers will have hearing and vision issues, as well as suffer from a decrease in their response time.  This means that telematics insurance can be a boon for pensioners operating on a fixed income, and could let their pension cheques stretch that much further.

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