The cheapest car insurance quote isn’t always the best

While rising car insurance rates can send anyone around the bend in search of the cheapest car insurance quotes they can find, industry experts say that just because you find the least expensive quote doesn’t mean that you should automatically accept it.

Shopping around for discount car insurance quotes can feel like a full-time job sometimes, especially when it seems like petrol prices keep spiraling upwards.  However, industry insiders say that you need to compare car insurance quotes very carefully to make sure the policy you’re about to purchase has the level of cover you need – there’s nothing worse than finding out your cut-rate insurance was a false economy after a costly accident that isn’t covered.

Shopping around is vital in the current economic landscape, especially since insurers routinely fail to offer the best deals to their customers who choose to automatically renew their annual cover.  In order to remain competitive, insurance providers instead offer attractive rates to new customers, though this means that someone’s left holding the bag – and that someone could be you if you auto-renew!

Rates are high because of out-of-control accident claims that generate massive legal costs that have to be passed on to customers, insurers claim.  This has led the insurance industry to campaign for a reduction in compensation awards, yet the insurance industry bears no small part of the blame for their practice of selling on the personal details of customers involved in accidents to the personal injury firms and claims management companies that bring the accident claims these insurers rail against so stridently.

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