Car dealer in Croydon goes into charity insurance business

One Croydon-based award-winning car dealer has decided to go into the charity motor car insurance business to raise funds for children in need, discount car insurance experts recently reported.

South End’s Kinghams Motors owner, Keith Kingham, has decided to team up with Chris Knott, car insurance brokers, in order to create the charity insurance firm Kingham Insurance.  However, Mr Kingham’s new firm will not reap the benefits of policy commissions, as 50 per cent of proceeds will go towards promoting the Reedham Trust, while the remaining capital will go directly to the charity, with the hopes that the new insurance scheme could generate as much as £3,000 per annum.

First established in 1844, the Reedham Trust was responsible for running an orphange located in Old Lodge Lane, Purley, up until 30 years ago.  The charity, which still holds its headquarters on the site, has since shifted its focus to provide support to young children with backgrounds that include severe disadvantages.

Mr Kingham, has been involved with the trust’s fundraising side since 1994, he said, and while his recent activities have not been much, now that he has turned 60 years of age, he reports that his philanthropic desires have been rekindled.  The children supported by the Reedham Trust fight against serious adversity, he said, and in light of how many Brits get through life with ease in comparison, he decided to use Kinghams to help the charity through developing a car insurance provider.

The scheme will be launched next week.

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