Service your car regularly to keep motoring costs down

While motoring costs – such as the price of petrol and motor car insurance – continue to rise, drivers keen on keeping more money in their pockets have been told to service their cars regularly to avoid costly mechanical problems.

It seems that most of us will regularly top up their washer bottle but then not undertake any servicing on their car more than once a year when they take it in for the annual MOT.  Basic maintenance is a good thing, of course, yet car insurance companies and motoring organisations alike recommend more regular maintenance every few months to keep motorists’ vehicles in better condition.

Getting the brakes looked over, the filters assessed, and the battery checked can result in avoiding breakdowns in inclement weather conditions, motoring experts say, while you may be able to extend your motor’s longevity by replacing your traditional oil with a synthetic one.  Taking these preventative maintenance steps could even result in avoiding having to make a claim that could raise your car insurance rates even higher than they are currently.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your car in top shape is to check your tyre pressure regularly, especially since this is the only part of the vehicle that actually comes into contact with the roadways.  Also, when driving in the cold, take just a few seconds to allow the engine to idle before driving off slowly in order to let the engine warm up gradually instead of all at once – and while it may be tempting to do so, do not leave your car unattended while the keys are in the ignition and the engine is running in order to warm it up – more car thefts happen this way than you might think!

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