28% of UK motorists plan to drive less in 2012

A poll conducted by a motor car insurance provider found that nearly one out of every three motorists in the UK have plans to drive less this year and to either cycle or walk more, discount car insurance experts recently reported.

The discount car insurance provider’s chairman, Mark Bower-Dyke, commented on the findings, stating that motorists seem to be more interested in finding ways to reduce the costs of keeping a car as much as possible than they are with losing that last bit of weight they gained over the Christmas season. With the cost of both diesel and petrol sky high, Mr Bower-Dyke added, a sure-fire way to save some cash is to either drive more efficiently or to drive less altogether.

While 28 per cent of the survey’s respondents said they would be spending less time behind the wheel, 22 per cent reported that they will take efforts to spend their time in the car in a more economical manner. ┬áDriving with more efficiency can reduce fuel consumption, the chairman said, and keeping under posted speed limits can also translate to savings due to increased fuel efficiency.

Mr Bower-Dyke additionally remarked that an obvious benefit to drivers staying underneath speed limits will lead to safer roads and eliminate the possibility of being pulled over by police and issued speeding fines.

One out of five drivers polled by the survey also indicated that they will be shopping around for the best insurance as a way to reduce their cash expenditures over the coming year.

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