Insurance provider to create 700 jobs in North Tyneside

A provider of discount car insurance quotes is set to create around 700 jobs in North Tyneside over the next three years, industry experts recently reported.

Telematics-based motor car insurance specialist Insurethebox has an expectation of adding approximately 700 additional people to serve as staff at its Quorum Business Park service centre through 2015, with the firm’s bosses remarking that the key to its success can be traced to the work ethic and the loyalty of its North East staff.  The Gibraltar-based firm, which is one of many car insurance companies specialising in ‘black box’ telematics technology, opened its Quorum service centre two years ago with less than 20 full time staff members, yet now boasts a total of 142 today.

Jason Tipton, head of operations for Insurethebox, remarked that while the firm has around 40 administration and management staff based in London, the lion’s share of client servicing takes place in Newcastle.  Insurethebox sees its future in the area, said Mr Tipton, especially due to the incredibly loyal and hard-working staff it has recruited from the area.

The company is the largest telematics-based insurer currently in operation in the UK, providing access to lower car insurance rates in exchange for good motoring habits.  The telematics boxes fitted to the cars of Insurethebox customers record behaviour on the roads and reward responsible drivers with cheaper rates, and has seen high levels of adoption with younger drivers who would otherwise have to pay an arm and a leg to insure their first car under standard risk assessment practices that traditional insurers use, especially young male motorists, as they are more likely to become involved in a costly accident than their female counterparts under existing statistical analysis methods.

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