Half of all motorists nervous about first-time driving

Research jointly conducted by a road safety organisation and a provider of discount car insurance quotes recently discovered that around 50 per cent of all drivers felt nervous and under-prepared upon getting behind the wheel for the first time in the wake of passing their driving test.

Motor car insurance industry experts reported that almost 90 per cent of first-time drivers took their driving test after spending less than 40 hours’ worth of lessons, which is under the official recommendation. ¬†The research survey, which was conducted by the RoadSafe organisation and ingenie, an insurance provider, found that while the main emotion experienced by male motorists between the ages of 17 and 25 was confidence after passing their test, this class of drivers was much more likely to be involved in a traffic accident in the first 30 days of driving – in fact, female motorists of the same age were involved in accidents within the first month only half as often as their male counterparts – a fact that car insurance companies use to justify charging massive premium prices to younger drivers.

The overall results of the poll Рwhich queried 1,000 motorists in the UK Рdemonstrated that 35 per cent of motorists were involved in a road traffic accident within the first 12 months of being behind the wheel.  Additionally, younger motorists admitted to driving more carefully with their parents in the car but more recklessly if they were out with their friends.

Richard King, chief execituve of ingenie, remarked that the research findings make it clear that a good many younger motorists rush to get onto the road at the cost of gaining experience through practical and theory tests.

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