Are satnavs misleading the nation’s drivers?

With 83 per cent of motor car insurance holders reporting that they have been misled by their sat navs, new research reveals that the technology – which is supposed to make the lives of drivers less complicated – may be misleading motorists instead.

One car insurance comparison site recently investigated the role satnavs play in car accidents, discovering that in excess of £200 million in vehicle damage due to incidents caused by directions issued by the technology that were incorrect or misleading.  Indeed, nearly 7 out of every 10 survey respondents indicated that satnavs actually make their journeys longer instead of easier, which is contrary to the prime directive of such devices.

Nearly half of all drivers admitted to being frustrated and angry while on the road as a result of their less-than-helpful satnavs.  The online car insurance comparison site’s study also found that 31 per cent of respondents indicated that satnav-related car damage cost them anywhere from £100 to £500.

The comparison site’s car insurance head, Gareth Kloet, commented on the findings, remarking that it’s more important than ever to manage the costs of keeping a car, especially as discount car insurance is so difficult to find due to the current economic climate.  Satnavs seem to be more problematic than they should for a large number of motorists, Mr Kloet added.

The comparison site will be formulating a ‘satnav blackout’ map on their website, in order to provide a resource to motorists that are having issues with their navigation devices.  The map data will rely on drivers reporting geographical areas where their satnavs fail to work in a reliable manner.

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