Compare car insurance and you may not need to switch

If you take the time to compare car insurance quotes from other providers when it comes time to renew your annual policy, you may not even need to switch car insurance companies, according to recently conducted research from one consumer group.

Newly released research findings from Which? reveal that motorists who shopped around for discount car insurance quotes paid an average of 18 per cent less than they did the previous year in comparison to drivers who simply automatically renewed their cover.  Around four out of every five drivers who took the time to shop around for the best deals not only saved 18 per cent on their renewal quote but actually ended up paying 3 per cent less than they did the previous year, the research findings also indicated.

The most telling part of the research study’s findings was that drivers didn’t even need to switch providers in many cases.  Many motorists that rang up their current providers and reported that they had received a better quote from a competitor saw their current provider matching the quote in an attempt to retain the customer, and those drivers that spoke to their insurer on the phone in a simple effort to reduce their renewal quote without seeking an alternative one ended up saving an average of £15 through simple negotiation, suggesting that insurers leave themselves a bit of wiggle room when they set the renewal price for a customer.

In excess of 500 members of the consumer campaign group took part in the research study, whose results indicate that it is nearly always worth the time and effort to seek getting alternative quotes from rival insurers before simply automatically renewing your insurance for another year from your current provider.

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