No-fault accident victims penalised by insurers

Victims of accidents through no fault of their own are being penalised by their car insurance companies, industry experts report.

It’s incredibly rare to find discount car insurance in the current economic landscape.  However, insurers may be actively working against drivers that are involved in accidents even if the driver is blameless, raising their car insurance rates as a penalty effectively for being an innocent bystander.

One motorists recently reported how her insurance premium increased by £300 during her recent annual renewal due to an accident that occurred this past summer.  She was in her Volkswagen Golf, which was stationary and in a marked space in a car park, when the driver of a van pranged her from the rear, damaging the paintwork and the rear bumper, and while the driver of the van took full responsibility – and her insurer successfully recovered the costs of repairing the damages from the van driver’s insurer – she found her premium to be £750 for the coming year, a £300 increase over her previous £450 premium price.

Understandably confused, the driver contacted her insurer to question the sudden rate hike, only to discover that while the incident that occurred over the summer had been resolved successfully and registered as not her fault, she was still being charged higher premiums.  The reasoning, the driver was told, was that she has a higher statistical likelihood of making further claims in the future than she was before the incident.

Needless to say, the driver was stunned.  However, she has since switched providers to a competitor that does not follow the practice of penalising their customers for no-fault accidents, and has secured a much less expensive premium as a result.

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