Are car insurance companies ripping us off?

With drivers suffering under the oppressive yoke of what seems like constantly increasing car insurance rates, many have come to believe that the nation’s car insurance companies are ripping us all off.

Many motorists in the UK are positively wistful about the days when they were paying discount car insurance, when quotes were based upon the number of years a driver has been driving without a claim and the horse power and overall value of their car, with adjustments being made if any given driver had a history of being involved in accidents.  However, insurers today use much more complex risk assessment techniques, and there are many drivers that feel the complexities baked into the current system, such as massive increases in legal fee cover, no-claims protection, and excesses, along with the consideration of issues like continental travel, driver age, security systems within a vehicle, whether the car is parked in a garage or on the street, the postal address of its owner, and the annual mileage of the car.

Despite all these additions made to the insurance industry over the years, little to nothing has been done or said in protest of them.  Critics feel that the impetus behind the complicated risk assessment schemes are to give insurers any excuse possible to charge more and more every year without giving drivers the opportunity to reduce their rates.

Many insurers will say that the exorbitant costs they need to absorb due to rising accident claims are the source of increased premiums.  Meanwhile, insurers sell on the details of their customers to personal injury firms, thus actively making the problem worse for everyone.

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