Average Brit spends £100 on car accessories

According to research recently conducted by Diamond, a provider of discount car insurance for women, the average Brit spends around £100 to personalise their car with items such as window stickers, soft toys, and seat covers, though some motorists could be risking a car accident through their zeal to accesorise their motor.

The motor car insurance company conducted a research survey, polling 2,000 drivers in the UK on what kinds of things they used to personalise their cars, discovering that around 57 per cent have accesorised their vehicles.

Diamond found that among those motorists that do choose to purchase accessories for their cars, floor mats were the most popular, at 35 per cent.  Humourous window stickers and novelty air fresheners accounted for a collective 29 per cent of accesorising activities, though fluffy dice seem to finally be out of favour, as only 4 per cent of drivers admitted to hanging them from their rear view mirrors, according to the discount car insurance provider.

However, those drivers with rear window stickers may be in danger of getting into crashes, as 70 per cent of them admitted to having less visibility, as the stickers obscure their view.  This could prove disastrous in the event of an expensive car insurance claim, especially since insurers tend to raise car insurance rates for drivers who have made claims.

The insurer’s research findings discovered that 11 per cent of drivers choose to accesorise their vehicles in order to make it stand out, while a nearly identical number choose to do so in order to express their own individuality.  However, at 29 per cent, the most common reason to accessorise is to increase driver comfort behind the wheel.

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