Insurer says families relying on ‘MPV mum’ and ‘Fiesta father’

According to research conducted by one motor car insurance provider, familes have come to rely more and more on the ‘MPV mum’ and ‘Fiesta father’ for their car needs.

Three decades ago, it was widely understood that the larger vehicle in two-car families were driven by fathers more than mothers.  However, mums are now driving off-road 4x4s and multi-purpose vehicles, while dads are selecting smaller vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta, according to discount car insurance firm Aviva’s research.

The provider of discount car insurance quotes said that a generation ago women were keen on selecting smaller cars such as Minis and Fiestas, while men opted for Vauxhall Cavaliers, Ford Cortinas, and other large cars.  The insurer’s survey, which delved into the family driving history of 2,500 adults in the UK for the past 30 years, found that driveways often feature 4x4s, MPVs, and sports utility vehicles as well in the 21st century’s second decade.

Heather Smith, director of car insurance for Aviva, remarked that a generation ago it was ubiquitous to see a small ‘runaround’ parked alongside the large saloon parked outside homes in the UK.  However, Ms Smith said that you’re much more likely to see newer 4×4/SUV hybrids such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara and the Nissan Qashqai or two Volkswagen Golfs sharing space in the typical family’s driveway.

With children needing to be dropped off at school and both parents working full-time jobs, the lives of the average British family has become more complex and harried, said the insurance director.  Fuel efficiency and cost seem to be the chief concerns of the nation’s fathers, while mums on the run seem to be gravitating to vehicles that can pull double duty for both family and work life, Ms. Smith also said.

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