300 vehicles seized in Nottinghamshire for no insurance

In excess of 300 vehicles in Nottinghamshire were stopped and seized over the past two months, either because he driver had no driving licence or that they had no motor car insurance for the vehicle in question, industry experts report.

Officers discovered that 119 motorists had gotten behind the wheel of cars without even securing discount car insurance last month alone. An additional 57 had been driving without a licence in January as well, police say, while December saw 77 uninsured and 62 unlicensed drivers stopped, their vehicles facing seizure for the offence.

Nottinghamshire police have been running an initiative called Operation Rustproof since 2004 in order to put a stop to motorists who fail to comply with legal requirements to purchase cover from car insurance companies or neglect to obtain a driving licence.  The police force has the power to seize vehicles from anyone suspected to be driving without a licence or valid insurance under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act, experts say.

Penalties for being caught out without a licence or insurance can be steep.  Driving without insurance could potentially disqualify a motorist, see them fined as much as £5,000, and having at least six penalty points placed upon their licence.  Motorists caught driving without a licence can also be fined and disqualified, and ordinarily face at least three penalty points, while police officers can also issue fixed penalty notices at the scene as well.

Vehicles are seized and towed to a local duty garage if there is no one else present with the vehicle who can drive it legally.  The vehicle’s owner then has just 14 days to provide valid documentation before it can be released.

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