Beware of dangerous roads on half-term holidays

If you’re going off on a half-term holiday with your family, you need to beware of sub-zero temperatures and ‘deceptively dangerous’ road conditions as snow freezes, one provider of discount car insurance quotes recently warned.

Another hard frost is predicted to set in, according to forecasters, with temperatures set to drop into the negatives in some regions, though there may be mild temperatures once the school holidays get into full swing.  However, the AA, the motoring organisation and motor car insurance provider, still issued warnings to motorists to be extra careful, especially if planning to travel to the continent, where the risk of ‘frozen’ diesel looms large.

Edmund King, president of the discount car insurance provider, said that many local roads are still treacherous throughout the country, as the AA found that rain can wash away the grit spread on roadways before turning to sheet ice, and some of these roads are much more dangerous than they look, since this sheet ice is conccealed by a light dusting of snow.

Motorists need to keep their wits about them, the motoring organisation’s president said, and use what he called ‘extreme’ levels of caution on local roadways.  It is highly difficult for grit to be effective if it is washed away by heavy rain downpours that nearly instantly freeze, and it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you’re driving.

Drivers were told to keep prepared by keeping emergency provisions and extra warm clothing in their cars as a precaution.  It was also wise to allow extra time for journeys, the AA additionally said.

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