AA motor car insurance launches new telematics product

The motor car insurance division of the AA has announced it will be launching a new telematics-bases insurance product that could see discount car insurance quotes for those drivers that demonstrate they can be safe and responsible while behind the wheel, experts say.

The new Drivesafe programme from AA Insurance will monitor a driver’s behaviour on the road through a black box linked to a satellite, sending information to the insurer whenever the car is driven and reporting back data on its speed, cornering, acceleration, and braking.  The information is then taken into account when it comes time to calculate the driver’s car insurance rates; responsible drivers will see cheaper rates than those who drive recklessly.

The cost of the telematics device’s installation is included in the initial price quote upon taking up the cover from the AA.  However, the insurer says that rate reductions can go into effect in as soon as 60 days from their start date, based on their driving habits, and adjustments can continue to be made throughout the course of the cover, as payments are made through direct debit.

The AA’s insurance director, Simon Douglas, commented on the new offering, stating that the appeal of the new cover is expected to be strong, especially amongst inexperienced motorists and parents of first-time drivers.  In addition to the tracking provided by the AA’s telematics system, it will also have theft, breakdown, and crash alerts as well, thus offering more than a little peace of mind to parents who may be reticent to let their children off into the wide world with little experience behind the wheel.

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