Car insurance companies say skip the whimsical accessories

Car insurance companies have said that when it comes time to accessorise your car, you should skip the whimsy, as drivers can actually increase their likelihood of being involved in an accident because of distracting items in the car.

According to research conducted by Diamond, a provider of discount car insurance for women, 57 per cent of survey respondents take the time to personalise their car with items from seat covers to stickers.  However, drivers who place these amusing items on the back window can act to obscure the view of the driver, which makes the chance of a crash that much higher.

The motor car insurance provider discovered that even though 29 per cent of those surveyed thought fitting their car with such accessories made it look tacky and cheap, 14 per cent of cars had stickers on their back windows.  Drivers between 18 and 24 years of age were found to be the most common drivers to have personalised their cars, the survey also found.

The insurance provider’s managing director, Sian Lewis, remarked that while it is understandable in wanting to individualise a car or make it more comfortable, especially when so many motorists spend so much time in their vehicles every week, impeding driver vision by stacking car accessories in the rear window is never a good idea.

Other once-popular accessories are also falling into disfavour as well, according to independent research undertaken by another insurer.  According to the survey results, fluffy dice are no longer nearly as popular as they used to be, with an overwhelming 76 per cent of survey respondents indicating that they no longer appreciate the once nearly ubiquitous car accessory.

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