Even famous singers pay high car insurance rates

After purchasing a Range Rover Sport second-hand from his stepfather, one young singer had to pay an eye-watering £15,000 motor car insurance premium – proof positive that even the famous have to pay high car insurance rates in the UK.

18 year old One Direction singer, Harry Styles, who just recently passed his driving test, had no choice but to pay through the nose for his new car because of his young age.  Cheap car insurance for young drivers is nearly impossible to find in the UK, no matter how famous you may be, but buying cover for a high-performance motor such as a Range Rover made Harry’s insurance costs that much higher, according to an anonymous source.

Harry’s management told him that he would have a rough go of it if he went forward on his plans to purchase the car from his stepdad, the source said, but it was ultimately the young singer’s decision.  Luckily for young man, he can afford the high price – but the lion’s share of young drivers his age don’t have a spare £15,000 to spend on insurance.

20 year old Louis Tomlinson, Harry’s fellow One Direction member, also encountered problems with his new car purchase as well.  Last year Louis decided to buy a Porsche, only to face insurance costs roughly equivalent to the purchase price of the high-performance car.

Upon seeing his fellow musician purchase a fancy motor, Harry felt the urge for his own set of wheels, the source added, though he was more than a little shocked once insurers began quoting high premiums.

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