Mother stunned by £100k car insurance rate

One mother was recently given the shock of her life to be given a new discount car insurance quote at the low, low rate of £100,000 – though her insurer did offer to take ‘only’ £10,185 every month if she wanted to pay her premium in monthly instalments.

28 year old Sian Jones had been paying a car insurance rate of around £700 annually last year, which made it even more surprising when the letter from Vauxhall Insurance arrived to inform her that her new annual premium would be an outrageous £100,034.  Understandably confused, Ms Jones rang her insurer only to discover that it was indeed the cheapest car insurance quote they could provide her for her vehicle, a 2007 Vauxhall Vectra.

The Flanshaw, Wakefield simply had to laugh in the end, she said in a recent interview, especially if Vauxhall honestly expected her to be able to afford £10,000 every month just for motor insurance.  However, the company even sent her a reminder letter in the post with an identical quote after she declined the company’s generous offer.

Upon contacting the company, Ms Jones found herself in shock, as she thought the enormously expensive quote was simply a printing error.  However, Vauxhall told Ms Jones that the price quote was correct, though now that the 28 year old has found a company willing to offer her a ‘slightly’ lower quote of £390 a year, Vauxhall Insurance has apologised, stating that the letter had been sent out to her in error.

A system error was the cause of the massive quote, Vauxhall Insurance said, and had nothing to do with increased premium prices.

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